Remember when Rudy's was the only place in town? Not anymore, so many great restaurants and delicious food :) this is the latest healthy and exciting option for us Leon Springs/Hill country folks. Spicy picante bowl for me was exactly what I needed after being over-served last night!
I ordered take out and they were very accommodating from the moment they answered the phone! Very good customer service and delivered in a timely manner. Everything was very fresh, especially the pineapple juice I got!! 10/10 recommend
A while back I went to a poke house but I did not like it. They had very few options and the price was very high. I went last week to Fugu Poke House to try it and it was completely different from the one I had previously tried. I could choose between a wide variety of toppings and the employees helped me make a delicious combination between spicy and sweet sauces. No other place does this for you. They have so many options! I want to try everything. Next time I'll order a poke burrito and create my own combination. I 100 % recommended fugu. Its fresh and healthy and I needed something like that near the dominion.
I never had a poke bowl before but i love sushi so i went and gave it a try i just told the employee to make me what they thought was best. I was very pleased. I decided to try another poke place to compare and i honestly fell in love with fugu they have my heart now i go in and try all these different combinations and they are all delicious!! Cool place to really go chill with friends relax and enjoy the ambiance !
First time I went in I made my own bowl, it was really good!! They have so many toppings and proteins you can choose I was very indecisive on what to put on my bowl. The employee making my bowl told me what sauces to use on my bowl and they were amazing, especially the garlic one!
This place is great everything is super fresh and I can't get enough of the pika salad
Best Poke in San Antonio!!!! Fresh ingredients, great service, very nice place !! They now offer more options for kids which is great !
Just ate here for the first time. We've had poke several times in CA and when we vacationed in Hawaii and this was as good as anything else we've had if not better. The ingredients are fresh, the prices are very fair you get plenty of food for the low price, and I love being able to build your own bowl. We will be back very soon! Only negative is they need to serve alcohol even if just beer and wine. Would have loved beer with our poke- But not a deal breaker!
I am obsessed with this place. I've gone three times in the last week. I keep telling myself I should save money and eat at home but my tastebuds keep asking for more. I was a little skeptical about the cauliflower base (Im used to having spiralized zucchini or cucumber as a rice base substitute) but my mom, sister, and I loved the cauliflower base. Their proteins are really fresh and I love the creativity of all the toppings. Last but not least, the sauces are amazing, they really top off the exquisite taste of these poke bowls. Definitely my favorite Poke Bowls in San Antonio.
I've been saying for a long time how Austin has the best Poke and have tried a few places in SA and this one is my fave in SA. Super fresh tasting fish. Only thing is I wish they served more fish even for the small size. I could eat poke everyday! They have a huge selection of proteins and toppings and sauces. Probably the best selection I've seen at a poke house!